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Regia have a wide range of different print base cloths including natural fibre, polyester, FR, recycled and outdoor Draylon.

They offer a few different printing techniques depending on requirements. They digitally print using pigment inks for greater light fastness, either wide width or woven with faux selvedge so it can be slit to single width with minimums as low as 100m. Alternatively, they can supply sublimation print on various polyester grounds, including flame retardant qualities, again all achieving good lightfastness. Finally, they have rotary printing which is still a very big part of their European business.

They have modern in-house preparation and finishing facilities and added special properties such as stain repellent or antifungal.

In addition to this, they also have their own in-house design studio for customer developments and a personal service.

You can learn about Regia's journey towards sustainability here

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